The Vision

I saw a battlefield – grey and dull , death hanging as far as the eye could see. Here and there you could see the remains of it all… piles of rocks and swords stuck into it, some lifeless bodies were scattered across the field and now I could smell the stale smell of death creeping upon me. To the left a carriage laid on its side – one wheel slowly turning, the only movement that could be seen. The horses looked flattened where they lay, still yoked to the carriage…

I walked a few steps forward and then saw a huge shield standing up straight stretching high into the dark skies – tilted to one side… I was drawn to it and the closer I got the bigger I saw it to be. I stopped right in front of the shield, awe struck by its appearance. It was still drawing me closer … I walked right up against it and then… I fell…

I fell right trough the shield… I was in “paradise” it seemed – the air was fresh and clean, the sky blue with white clouds drifting on the breeze… a river with crystal clear water flowed noisily and the banks were lush with grass. I looked up to the right and saw a mountain glowing in the distance – from where the river was flowing – and to the left was a desert and the river flowing into it. Life was exploding all around the river, as far as it flowed. My whole being feeling refreshed…

Drawn to the mountain, I started moving. As I draw closer the size of it grew. Then I saw a waterfall falling from the top of the mountain sparkling in the bright light all around me. I just kept going… higher and higher I climbed with the thundering of the waterfall in the background.

When I finally reached the top it was quiet. I looked back and saw only the desert – no river, no waterfall and no life.

Looking closer at my surroundings I saw that in the mountain had an enormous crater – it was so deep I could not see the bottom. Small fountains and mountain streams of water flowed into this great nothingness… then HE spoke.

“Those small fountains and streams are the preparation of your life that will have to fill this big abyss. Time spend with ME, reading the word, following the teachings and obeying MY commands. The whole is a representation of you that needs to be filled by everything I want to pour into your life. You will have to grow in this as the water slowly fills the abyss… the time will come when this water will overflow and a massive waterfall will flow from it into the desert exploding with life as far as the river will go… But, you are as empty as the hole in front of you, you have to wait for ME, for MY timing and release…”



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