God joined two people together.

Sitting down I was in another dimension, I witnessed a wedding where God joined two people together. I could hear a lot of shuffling noises as the witnesses paced across the hard floor to sit down. The prattle of voices were slicing the air shaping the atmosphere. Anticipation nagging excitement, ready to explode. The amplifier whispered a few notes and silence fell. All the witnesses were scuffing to their feet as the bride entered in. A peaceful silence that could not be put to words, followed.

The anointing was flowing in to the chapel, filling it. Then two images representing the lives of the bride and the bridegroom were visible just above each of them. The one image was the soft touch of green flourishing with beauty and the other brilliant white with strength. During the service these two images drifted closer and closer two each other until they touched.

Love pouring in with the anointing as the preacher laid down the Word. Then like stirring thick white and brown chocolate together the whole swirl of green and white was visible, slowly changing till only one colour was visible. You could at times see the two images, but you could see only one… This vast life, and it could be recognised as the bride from the one side and as the bridegroom from the other but still it was only one.

I know that life is a choice, and that commitment is a daily choice, acknowledging this by confessing the Word of life. That life may amplify Jesus. Every day must be a wedding where you and God become one in the place where He wants to use you. Shaping the perfect amplifier crying out “JESUS!!!”.


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