The Power of Light


Light reveals the world to us. Body and soul crave it. Light sets our biological clocks. It triggers in our brains the sensations of colour. Light feeds us, supplying the energy for plants to grow. It inspires us with special effects like rainbows and sunsets. Light gives us life-changing tools, from incandescent bulbs to lasers and fiber optics. Scientists don’t fully understand what light is or what it can do. They just know that it will illuminate our future.
By Joel Achenbach and photographs by Joe McNally

Light permeates our reality
at every scale of existence.
It’s an amazing tool,
a carrier of beauty,
a giver of life.

THERE HAS BEEN LIGHT from the beginning. There will be light, feebly, at the end. In all its forms–visible and invisible–it saturates the universe. Light is more than a little bit inscrutable. Modern physics has sliced the stuff of nature into ever smaller and more exotic constituents, but light won’t reduce. Light is light, pure, but not simple…

This article describes the attributes of Someone I know.
It is a perfect picture of Jesus, don’t you think so?

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