Learning to Buck the System

I get so frustrated when I see men think or act like sheep. Blindly & aimlessly following the norms of society or giving in to the pressure of society to think or behave in a certain way. When we go against the current of popular beliefs or established thought & doctrine all the sheep get nervous & unsettled & make us want to conform to the philosophy & traditions that imprisons them.

The system is able to suppress, oppress, & manipulate countless people because of their fear, shame, & guilt. But unless you learn how to buck the system you’ll never know the freedom of thinking or acting for yourself. Till you stop thinking or acting like a sheep the wolves will just wolf you down.

To buck the system is to do something different than what is expected; to resist authority or to fight against the usual way of doing something. People blindly follow the system or do what they are told to do without ever thinking for themselves. Just because you grew up being told this is how we do things around here does not mean that ought to do them. We need more free thinking people in the world to question the system & challenge the status quo.

Rules are many times just traditions handed down by men to control & manipulate the behaviour of others. I am not preaching anarchy here since there are obvious things we should never do…especially when they will mean pain or suffering to others. ALL THAT I’M SAYING IS THAT WHEN YOU SWIM WITH THE SHARKS YOU BETTER NOT THINK OR ACT LIKE A FISH…WHEN YOU ARE RUNNING WITH THE WOLVES YOU BETTER NOT THINK OR ACT LIKE A SHEEP!

Some of the most successful individuals in business, arts, or science were those who had learnt to buck the system & think & do for themselves. Just think how mankind could’ve suffered if freethinkers like Galileo had given in to the pressure of the Church to give up on his scientific discoveries. The world would have been in the dark ages for still a couple of more centuries.

I am not a wolf or a shark & I am neither a fish nor a sheep. But I have learned to buck the system & by Jove I will not relent or give in so that I can conform & make my sheep buddies less nervous. I am a dissident, a maverick, a non-conformist; not because I wanted it so but only because my eyes had opened up. Like Neo from the Matrix there came a day where I was unplugged & had suffered the disillusionment of that disconnection; that very same disillusionment had become the greatest moment of my development & life.

Many times I’m frowned upon, ridiculed or rejected because I buck the system. But I take solace with the fact that like so many great men & women before me I have learned to think for myself & refuse to be conformed to the patterns of this world. The religious would have you believe that to be such a man or woman is to risk the eternal damnation of your soul. Yet I find it fascinating that both Jesus & the apostle Paul went against the current of popular belief & established thought & doctrine of their time. For me they serve as a great inspiration to be a freethinking non-conformist just like them.

by Marcus Visser

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