Mountain Ministries

Mountain Ministries is a ministry situated in the mountains of Qwa-Qwa, in the Free State province of South Africa. They consist of a group of people working on a full and part time basis with “The Family Church”. They have a heart for the poor and needy and as such reach out to these people.

Currently they are focused on the areas in Qwa Qwa.

Qwa Qwa is an economically impoverished region in South Africa with many social problems – unemployment, migrant population, high teenage pregnancy rate, low educational level, limited opportunities for development and progress. HIV AIDS is impacting family life, leaving many orphans and child led households. There are high levels of witchcraft, Satanism and African Traditional religions practised in this area.

Their Mission is to establish the Kingdom of God in this area and their Vision is to redeem lives and culture through the gospel of Jesus Christ. They believe that God has shown them the Strategy that united prayer will prevail.

They are building, training and equipping the community through a training centre, child care centre, youth centre and youth and children’s camps. All of these projects aren’t fully operational as jet, but they trust that God will continue to build Mountain-Ministries through finances and volunteers as needed.

Please contact them with any questions, Newsletter Subscriptions and also if you would like to support them financially or as a volunteer for short-term or long-term missions.



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