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Fear and rejection

Fear and rejection have become the norm of society and the tools of the fear creators. The more it grows the greater the panic becomes, robbing your logical thinking. Selfishness is the result of it all based on the false belief of survival of the fittest. This will then become the power ruling the earth…

There is only one way to overcome fear, rejection, panic and confusion. It is called love. Without God there is no true love, for He is called Love. It is for this reason that Jesus have said that living a life of love is the fulfilment of the law. Love God with all your being and your neighbours as yourself.


There is a lot of information available regarding the Bible on the Internet and you can download the Bible on to your own computer – go to E-sword and first download the app, or to e-sword.net/mac … or to Apple apps store for your Apple Mac.

Bible translations, dictionaries, commentaries etc. may be downloaded and installed directly from the e-sword programme itself, just click on “download” in the top menu. Thus, you first need the e-Sword programme. There are various Bible translations in several languages available to install in e-sword including dictionaries, commentaries etc…

This is for those of you working on Linux or Mac. Bibles, Books, Commentaries, etc. are available in Afrikaans, Zulu, English and other languages.

Bible Time is also available in the “Ubuntu Software Center”…