What is your identity?


No, I am not only asking you what you are doing, whats your profession or where you live.

You came from somewhere, you have a past and you are going somewhere, you have a future…

When you miss, or forget the complete picture you become so focused on the now that nothing els matters. Thus you lose your identity!

Your parents, family, friends, culture, beliefs, understanding and experience is also part of your identity. The fact that you are a daughter, mother, son, father, friend, grandparent or even lonely is also part of your identity.

Consider the fact that you are loved or hated by people, adored or ignored, this is also part of you identity…


One thought on “What is your identity?”

  1. Dit is nogals ‘n bitter moeilike vraag wat jy hier vra. Sukkel om dit vir myself te antwoord. Dankie dat jy my bietjie aan die dink sit.


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